Now's The Time
Frozen In Time x Tight Rope
Reserve Champion Boar
2013 Illinois State Fair

This boar is absolutely is flawless in his design and structure. He has super muscle, a great thick rump and perfect feet and legs. His littermate was the Champion Barrow at the Missouri State Fair. This guy has done an unbelievable job. Mark Peter told me he thought this boar may have as much breeding value as any Frozen In Time son he has ever sold. Was he ever right and his offspring are very special. Now's The Time is possibly the best wide made, good muscled boar that is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT in his hip and hind leg placement and total soundness that exist in the Hampshire breed today. I know that is a bold statement but I truly believe it.

It's About Time 10-4
4x4 Champion Boar
2011 NBS

This was the Rupport boar at the 2012 NBS that I thought was one of the very best boars shown in 2012. He has a great pedigree, 3 x Red Hot, 3 x Ace, 3 x Ox, 2 x Sabertooth, 2 x Trendsetter, 2 x It's ABout Time, 2 x Totally Wide Open, 2 x Peace Treat. Can't Deny It and Totally Juiced. This is a quote from Brian Anderson about this boar, "this is one of the really different ones, really tremendous shape and width along with a ton of bone and a boar look." This boar has done a tremendous job and we have many top replacement gilts by him we are adding to our herd.


County Fare x Pump It Up
We would like to thank Mike Fischer for letting us bring this unique young Warfare grandson to Illinois, we think this guy is way good. You dont often find a boar with this much bone muscle and width and still hold it together in a sound fuctional package. Warcraft had two littermate barrows that Dillion Evans purchased from Mike Fischer that had a great amount of success at the Kansas State Fair winning their classes and the one barrow being Reserve Middle Wt. behind the Grand Overall. Needless to say we are going to use this boar hard, we expect him to sire champion barrows at all levels of competition, semen will be limited due to our own use. Thanks for your interest.
Bred By: Mike Fischer, TX | Owned With: Behrmann Hog Farm, Tom Biermann, and Moore Showpigs